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Anytime Access Payroll Card

Anytime Access Payroll Card

With our payroll card, your employees will now have more choices about how to spend their time, have more control over their money and be armed with more tools to help with budgeting and management of finances.  Saving Money & Time, Convenience, Safe and Easy are four main reasons employees choose our Payroll card instead of a paper check.

Saving Money, Saving Time

  • The Anytime Access MasterCard Payroll Card eliminates the need to pay check cashing fees and gives employees back the precious time spent in line paying monthly bills and getting access to their paycheck.

More Convenient

  • Cardholders can make purchases and pay bills over the phone and online.  In addition to cash withdrawals at an ATM, your employees can use their card to get cash back with a purchase at participating merchants.

Safer than Cash

  • Cardholder's money is protected with our Anytime Access Payroll Card.  If the card is ever lost or stolen, it can easily be replaced and is covered by MasterCard's Zero Liability protection from any unauthorized purchases.

Easier Budgeting

  • A payroll card helps with budget planning and tracking of expenses with the card balance available via email, text messages, telephone or online.

First National Bank's Anytime Access Paycard provides cost savings & productivity benefits to your company and your employees

Our MasterCard® reloadable prepaid debit card works like a checkless, checking account with no credit approval required.  For employers, it functions just like another direct deposit account for payroll.

The benefits include:

  • It brings direct deposit to more employees
  • It reduces fraud risk and liability
  • Reduces the need to print paper checks and mail them
  • Integrates seamlessly with your payroll process
  • Instant card issuance
  • Streamlines distribution vs. paper checks

Contact us today to learn more about our Payroll Card and how it is the perfect fit for your business and employees!

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