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Merchant Card Processing

Merchant Card Processing

Are you already accepting credit and debit cards for payments or are thinking about it?  Improve your bottom line by using the Professional Solutions Program!

First National Bank has partnered with Professional Solutions Financial Services to offer merchant processing services with valuable benefits that include the lowest price - Guaranteed!

EMV Chip Cards

By now, you probably know about the changes in the payment processing industry as it relates to EMV "chip" credit cards.

You can get an EMV Credit Card Terminal today through the Professional Solutions Credit Card Processing Program. This terminal also accepts chip credit cards, Apply Pay & other "contactless" payments from your customers.

 What is the Fraud Liability Shift?
The card associations (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) dictated a fraud liability shift effective October 1, 2015. In short, this means if a merchant doesn't have the proper EMV processing equipment and they are presented with an EMV "chip" card for payment, the liability for any fraud resulting from that transaction shifts from the card issuer to the merchant.

Once EMV software is approved and certified, what happens next? 
The goal is to avoid hassles with our merchants having to download multiple "fixes" due to EMV software bugs. Once EMV software is certified and working properly, Professional Solutions will provide the required software to you. In most cases a simple download of the new software will allow you to accept EMV cards. If you are a merchant that signed up with us in the last 24 months, you already have the EMV-capable terminal or equipment necessary to process EMV transactions once the required software is certified and available from the processors. Upon EMV software certification, we will contact you immediately regarding next steps. If your terminal is not currently EMV-capable, we'll be in touch to exchange it with new, pre-programmed EMV equipment so you can simply plug it in and begin using it once the software deployment occurs.

Take the Challenge!

Let Professional Solutions do a side-by-side comparison of your current processing program compared to the Professional Solutions program.  If they can't save you money, they'll send you a $100 Gift Card to use anywhere major credit cards are accepted.

Professional Solutions Benefits Include:

  • Lowest Overall Price Guarantee.  Keep more of your profits and improve your bottom line.
  • Quick and Easy Set Up.  No application or set-up fees
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment.  You can rent or buy, it's your choice.   If you already own a terminal, they will reprogram it for FREE.
  • Reliable Service.  24/7 terminal support and industry experts to answer all of your questions.
  • Processing to Meet Your Needs.  Debit/ Credit processing, Gift card redemption and more.
  • Internet Account Statement Available.  Check your business' credit card activity and review deposits and pending payments.
  • No Long Term Obligations.

Click here for additional information on the merchant card processing program.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

To help prevent cardholder fraud and identity theft, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover require all merchants who accept credit and debit cards to be PCI DSS-compliant.  For more information on PCI certification, click here.

The Credit Card Processing Program is administered by Professional Solutions Financial Services, a division of NCMIC Finance Corporation which offers the credit card processing directly to you.  Click here for additional information.

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