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Business Bill Pay

posted on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 in Business Banking

Introducing Business BillPay-E™ for eCorp

Business Bill Pay online services allow you to spend more time focusing on the growth of your business and less time on paperwork.  And time, as we all know,  is money!  Business Bill Pay is the bill payment solution for your small business.  Flexible, convenient, and so much faster than issuing all those checks!

Business BillPay-E™ Features

  • Administrative tools that include multi-user permissions
  • Bill payment reminders
  • Customer specific security features
  • Dual signature accounts
  • Email payments (send a payment via email)
  • Interbank transfers
  • Live customer service
  • Memo and comment fields
  • Pay from multiple bank accounts
  • Payee categorization
  • Pending payment calendar

Click below to view the video tutorial or contact us today for additional information.

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