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Checkfree® RXP® BillPay Updates

posted on Friday, October 23, 2015 in Community

OCTOBER 25, 2015

Check out the new features, functions and enhancements that are being incorporated into your CheckFree® RXP® BillPay (through your Online Banking) in the upcoming release scheduled for October 25, 2015. Below is an overview of the new upgrades including the availability of Popmoney®, one-click access to your Activity, Reminders, Automatic Payments, eBills, and more!

Questions? If you have any questions about your Billpay ,contact us at 877-782-2195, M-F, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm CST.

Integrative Popmoney® Feature within BillPay

Quickly and conveniently schedule Popmoney® payments directly within your BillPay! Popmoney® is a great alternative to the typical paper check and allows you to send money directly to your payee’s bank account through.

  • Registration is now easier than ever. Look for the “Activate Now” button to start using Popmoney® right away! If you are already using Popmoney® simply check the “Get Started” button. This feature provides easy and immediate access to pay individuals or groups.
  • Split an Expense. Do you have roommates and need to split an expense? Or out to dinner and need to split the bill? No problem with Popmoney®! Simply send a request through the “Split an Expense” Feature within Popmoney®. You can request funds from up to 5 individuals per request.
  • Check out your Consolidated Activity Content. You will be able to review your combined bill payments and Popmoney activity all in the same section, providing you a consolidated view of payment activity into one single list that can easily be managed.

Easily Manage Your Bills in BillPay!

  • Conveniently set-up or review reminders, automatic payments, and e-bills within each of your Payees.

Pay All of Your Bills at Once!

  • Save time by scheduling multiple payments from multiple accounts at a time. Simply choose your appropriate account from the drop down next to each of your Payees and easily pay all of your bills at one time!

Un-Mask Your Account Number

  • Have you ever needed to change your account number for a payee or needed to view your account number? Simply complete the secure CAPTCHA process to un-mask your account number information within your CheckFree® RXP® Bill Pay.

Outdated Browser

  • For enhanced security and site optimization, outdated browsers will need to be updated (Example: Internet Explorer 8). Users of Internet Explorer 8 will be presented a message identifying that your chosen browser is out of date and to continue utilizing payment services, you will need to upgrade to a new version of Internet Explorer or select an alternative browser to update to.

Not a CheckFree® RXP® BillPay User? Check it Out!

  • Click below for greater simplicity, easier navigation and more control, enjoy these great features of CheckFree® RXP® Bill Pay.

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