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Scadden Earns Certificate from Introduction to Commercial Lending School

posted on Thursday, November 9, 2023 in Newsroom

Image of Kaytlynn Scadden, First National Bank

Kaytee Scadden, Credit Analyst with First National Bank in Creston, successfully completed the 2023 Iowa Bankers Association’s Introduction to Commercial Lending School held October 16-18 in Cedar Rapids.

The school is an intense three-day program sponsored by the Iowa Bankers Association. The purpose of the IBA Introduction to Commercial Lending School is to give students a basic understanding of the principles and concepts of commercial lending. The curriculum for the school involves an extensive case study, as well as classroom lecture and problem loan exercises.

Kaytee has been a valued team member at First National Bank for over 8 years. She has expertise in understanding the numbers that influence credit decisioning. Kaytee currently serves as a Credit Analyst. Her responsibilities include gathering financial information, conducting analysis, and providing recommendations to team members based on assessment of financial records.

First National Bank is a full-service community bank locally owned that specializes in commercial, agricultural, and personal banking. First National Bank has offices in Creston, Afton, and Shenandoah with assets of $437 million. 

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