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First National Bank website changes to

posted on Monday, January 11, 2021 in Security & Fraud Information

First National Bank remains committed to safety and soundness and that includes your online security. That in mind, our bank moved from to on Tuesday, Jan. 26. We made this move with you in mind as .bank domains are gated – just like a .gov or .edu – which provides an added layer of security for our customers.

“Both .coms and .nets are fairly easy to obtain,” said Randy Huewe, Randy Huewe presidentpresident at First National Bank in Creston, Afton and Shenandoah. “That means fraudsters are able to purchase a .com and could create a website that looks similar to ours. That can confuse customers and could lead to ID theft and financial fraud. That’s why we’re moving to a .bank. It’s very difficult to obtain a .bank domain. There is a stringent verification process. So, when you’re at, you can be certain you’re banking with us.”

Huewe said there will be no interruption to customers with this change. If customers type in our former .com address, they will be automatically redirected to And, during this transition, no changes at all will be made to Mobile, Retail or Business Online Banking.

If you access our website through your favorites or a bookmark, we ask that you please take a moment to update the bookmark to If you have any questions regarding our transition to .bank, please contact Kyle Wilson at 641-782-3417.

First National Bank is a full service community bank locally owned that specializes in commercial, ag and personal banking. First National Bank has offices in Creston, Afton and Shenandoah with assets of $380 million. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender.

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