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Internet Banking eAlerts combines event management with immediate electronic notification, so that the moment a specified account event occurs, you can be notified by e-mail or an online message.

You will benefit by receiving instant notice when checks or ACH transactions are presented for payment or account balances reach predefined thresholds.

E-Mail, Online and Text Messaging

eAlerts can be sent either by e-mail, text message or via online message, giving you instant access to important financial information. E-mail messages do not contain customer names and the account number is masked to just the last 3 digits of the account number.  Alerts that are sent by the text message channel are currently generated only once per day.  Alerts generated to an online or email channel, are a near real-time alerting method, checking every 15 minutes then generating an alert if the criteria is met.

Self-Service Notification

eAlerts simplify managing your account(s) by monitoring loans, accounts and transactional activity. You can use eAlerts to define your own events and receive notifications when checks clear, ACH transactions are presented, account balances fall below a preset threshold or events occur.

Adding Value to Internet Banking

eAlerts make Internet Banking even more valuable to you, our customer, creating a convenient, one-stop financial center. Instead of having to check your e-mail account(s) for financial alerts and then log into Internet Banking to act on the information, you can receive generated notices as soon as you log into your Internet Banking.

Generating A New eAlert

To generate a new eAlert, choose New and select which eAlert Event you would like to set-up as shown below.

eAlert Example

New eAlert Set-Up

To set-up a new eAlert, choose which account number the alert should be set-up for, what the balance criteria should be, what frequency you want our system to check your account for the specific criteria and what delivery method you would like, whether by e-mail, text or online message box. Click submit and your event is now set-up as a recurring event for 180 days.

eAlert Example

An eAlert is now set-up for the specific template that was chosen. The eAlert will then be fulfilled once the criteria entered in the new event setup section is met. The alert will remain active until the pre-assigned expiration time period is met. For example, if the expiration time period is 180- days and on the 50th day the eAlert is fulfilled, the alert will start over with 180 days until expiration for the new alert. As long as the alert is fulfilled within the expiration days that are predefined, it will continue until manually deleted by you. The fulfilled online message alert will remain on the system for 30 days and then will be automatically deleted.

All eAlerts have various days until expiration based on their Event Category. eAlerts are intended to be a notification program for various applications and situations. The majority of eAlerts have an expiration date of 180 days with a few such as Check Clear notice of 60 days or CD Maturity Notice of 999 days.

For additional questions regarding Internet Banking eAlerts, please contact First National Bank at
1-877-782-2195 or by e-mail at

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