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The SAFE Act

As required by federal law, First National Bank employees engaged in the origination of residential mortgage loans are required to register with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS). Below is a list of registered First National Bank employees and their NMLS registration number.

name TItle NMLS#
Jenna Greene, Creston Mortgage Loan Originator 1224416
Dan Waigand, Creston Ag/Commercial Banker 421395
Rick Schmitz, Creston Ag/Commercial Banker 421396
Chris Eaton, Creston Ag/Commercial Banker 465064
Steve Crittenden, Creston Senior Lender 421397
Bruce Jones, Creston Branch Manager 421403
Austin Berry, Creston Ag/Commercial Banker 1233108
Jessica Connelly, Creston Credit Analyst 1807128
Staci Heaberlin, Afton Branch Manager 421399
Andrea Swank, Shenandoah Personal Banker 500857
Amanda Moore, Shenandoah Loan Portfolio Manager 657971
Dan Weiss, Shenandoah Ag/Commercial Banker 1216342
Michael J. Bauer, Shenandoah Bank President 500858
Rachel Johnson, Shenandoah Ag/Commercial Banker 1216982
Jeff Baker, Shenandoah Mortgage Loan Originator 644575
Tyler Mason, Creston Credit Anaylyst 2072419

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