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FNB provides Creston High School with top financial literacy curriculum

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posted on Thursday, October 25, 2018 in Newsroom

NASHVILLE, Tenn.  — This year, one of the top financial literacy programs in the United States will be taught at Creston High School.

First National Bank in Creston has agreed to pay for up to 250 students at the high school to complete the Foundations in Personal Finance program. Created by financial expert Dave Ramsey, the program will teach students about budgeting, saving, the power of compound interest, importance of college choice and how to avoid college debt.

“We really want the next generation to have all the skills necessary to reach financial prosperity,”Kyle Wilson headshot said Kyle Wilson, marketing specialist at First National Bank. “And, what better age is there to teach these skills? These young adults will be taking this financial literacy course directly before they begin to make important adult decisions like purchasing a vehicle and postsecondary education.”

Foundations in Personal Finance utilizes a blended learning model that meets standards and benchmarks in all 50 states and Jump$tart national standards. The program has been taught in more than 10,000 schools and education institutions.

Jerry Hartman, iJAG specialist instructor at Creston High School, plans to begin teaching this course to his students this October and throughout the second semester.

The iJAG program is designed to help students who have the highest risk of disengaging from school and gives them the skills and motivation needed to succeed in higher education and the workforce. Hartman is a graduate of Financial Peace University and is familiar with the principles taught by Ramsey.  

“This Foundations program will teach students to use cash whenever possible,” Hartman said. “It will teach them to stay away from credit cards, build an emergency fund, to start saving right now – at this very moment – for college and retirement. It will show them that time is on their side and building wealth and becoming a millionaire really isn’t out of reach for them.”

To learn more about this program, please see the video below:

First National Bank is a full service community bank locally owned that specializes in commercial, ag and personal banking. First National Bank has offices in Creston and Afton with assets of $241 million.

First National Bank shares Ramsey Solutions’ commitment to helping people take control of their money, build wealth, grow their leadership skills and enhance their lives through personal development.

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