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Wilson graduates from IBA's Consumer Credit School

posted on Thursday, March 22, 2018 in Newsroom

Sarah Wilson of First National Bank in Creston has successfully completed Consumer Credit School, which was held March 5-9 in Ankeny.

The school is an intense one-week program sponsored by Iowa Banker’s Association. The purpose of Credit School is to present consumer credit personnel with the knowledge needed to serve effectively as credit officers in their market.

“Sarah is advancing in her banking career,” said Steve Crittenden, senior vice Sarah Wilson mugpresident at First National Bank. “And, we wanted to give her the opportunity to further expand her knowledge in lending. She has great people skills as well as financial analysis skills. She sees the big picture when it comes to consumer financing and commercial business lending.”

Wilson said this schooling has given her a better appreciation for banking compliance officers who are tasked each day with staying current and upholding banking policies and regulations.

Wilson is a credit analyst at the bank’s uptown Creston location. She’s been with First National Bank since 2002 and is currently serving as co-chair on the bank’s Relay for Life committee.

Other bankers at First National Bank that have graduated from IBA’s Consumer Credit School include Staci Heaberlin (2003), Jenna Greene (2015) and Amy Hook (2016). Member FDIC.

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